Quality Policy

The Management of URACOS is committed to the following subjects together with its employees;

• Maintaining independence, impartiality, confidentiality and reliability,

• Ensuring safety of life, property and environment of all stakeholders by delivering services in accordance with national and international rules, standards and the requirements specified by the customer,

• Maintain its high rank performance as a recognized organization within the scope of international conventions and as a result of port state controls carried out for safety of life and property,

• Complying with “ URACOS Code of Ethics”,

• Continual improvement of process effectiveness to meet quality system requirements, customer expectations and needs, and for this means, monitoring of the processes by key performance indicators,

• Training and qualification of personnel in accordance with assigned work,

• Receiving customer feedbacks to meet their expectations and needs , responding to these efficiently and quickly, while using the information for improvement of provided services,

• Ensuring that the provided services are equally accessible to all customers It is the responsibility of the management to implement and improve policy.

The management ensures URACOS policy to be understood, implemented and maintained at every level of the organization, and sets the quality objectives to enforce this policy, periodically review it at the management review meetings, and revise it if necessary. URACOS policy is refered to safety and pollution performance objectives and indicators.