URACOS e-Certificate

Service to issue/provide Class and Statutory Certificates with Electronic file URACOS e-Certificate issues and provides Full-term (Final) certificate(s) of Class and each Statutory with Secured Electronic file (PDF) in place of traditional paper certificates.(Standardization of e-Certificate in principle from 17TH APRIL 2023) The service offers the following features and is compliant with the IMO FAL guidelines (FAL 5/Circ.39/Rev 2).

• Protects against tampering/falsification through Secure PDF and Digital Signature
• Transmission of certificate files via secure web server
• Online verification of authenticity
• Easy access from mobile devices via QR (Quick Response) Code

The validity of electronic certificates can be confirmed on our “e-Certificate Verification Site“ (URL https://survey.uracos.org/Verification) with the ship’s IMO No. and Tracking ID (TID). This site can also be accessed via the Quick Response (QR) Code shown on the bottom of the certificates.

Declaration Letter

Electronic Certificate