Many countries have introduced regulations that prohibit ships arriving in their waters from discharging ballast water that could have an impact on the local environment. Under these regulations, a ship is expected to prove that it has taken steps to manage ballast water in accordance with national and or IMO regulations and guidelines.


Management of risks during ballast water operations helps protect your company’s business and assets.

Having a ballast water management plan helps prevent loss of hull integrity resulting from unplanned loads during ballast water transfer.

It allows business as normal without compromising recognized environmental regulations, such as those issued by individual port states and the IMO, and reduces possible business interruption due to visits on board by port state officers for ballast water management audits.

It also enables your company to demonstrate its vision for health, safety, quality and environmental issues, and can provide evidence for flag states, port state control, underwriters and charterers as may be required.


If you have a ballast water management plan in place already, we can review and approve it against the URACOS assessment procedure and the IMO guidelines.

On satisfactory review of the plan we will issue a ballast water management plan certificate, accompanied by the appropriate descriptive note, demonstrating to relevant authorities that the ship has a documented, approved procedure for ballast water management.